Dax started as an overnight janitor and college basketball player, he forced his way into the music industry by creating his own lane of topic driven music that generated conversation. He knew that starting in Wichita, Kansas would force him to find a creative way to get people to listen. A poetry lover, Dax uses his craft to elicit emotion. Once he caught traction with his viral music videos, he transitioned into releasing his own version of "hit" music with songs like "I Want" and "Snapchat" that have millions of views on Youtube. Upon graduating in December of 2017, he relocated to Los Angeles to further his performing career where the music industry is booming. She Cheated Again was one of Dax's first breakout singles. Over the first few months, the video garnered over 7 million Youtube views, 4.5 million Spotify streams, and gained large recognition as one of the most relatable songs ever made, fueling the momentum for his upcoming slate of releases . "After spurts of buzz, he had himself a fruitful 2018, culminating in his single “She Cheated Again,” - HipHopDx staff writer. DAX latest single, Dear God created impactful online traction while trending in four different countries via YouTube (India, U.S., Canada and the UK) including being selected by YouTube as featured artist on the Rise. Additionally, Dear God was featured on over 20 viral 50 charts across the world. As of January 2020, Dear has over 15 million YouTube views, 10.1 million Spotify streams and 3 million Apple streams. On the media front, DAX was interviewed by XXL and is up for consideration for the 2020 class. He's also done three Genius interviews and a culmination of other respectable press interviews like Adam 22 and Real 92.3. Since April 2018, Dax fan base has increased by over 70%. Since moving out to Los Angeles, Dax has continued to build his career and collaborate with a number of music artists and digital creators including Hopsin, Futuristic, O.T. Genasis, Deji, and Logan Paul. He is currently collaborating with large brands and music artists, most notably, PUMA and PSD. DAX continues to remain an independent artist alongside his distribution allies Supreme Republic Entertainment, BMG and Strange Music.


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